Tuesday, October 30, 2007

More Pics of Purse

Here is another view...just need to sew the bottom seam and she's ready for a party!

Monday, October 29, 2007

HOT HOLIDAY HANDBAG-Using up the stash

Here is a really quick pattern I made up for a holiday handbag. You can use any yarn you like, but I chose these three and wound them together to make bulky weight yarn:
Purse will be assembled vertically and the purl side will be the right side.
1 skein Fun Fur
1 skein varigated worsted weight
1 skein boucle
size 15 knitting needles
size H crochet hook
tapestry needle
lining fabric-optional

With three strands held together, cast on 15 stitches Knit in stockinette stitch for 20 inches. Fold in half. With tapestry needle sew side and bottom seams with Kitchner stitch.
Crochet a chain of 25-30 inches long. Attach to purse at sides.
You can line the purse with fabric...but I haven't found my fabric yet. Will show more pics when I have finished.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Blue Socks For Shannen

Here is the blue sock I finished for Shannen...the mate is just now getting cast on...a pair later on this weekend.

On Being Nana

I go to pick up Shannen, my 3 year old granddaughter, for the weekend...in just about an hour. She is the sweetest little one, but ever, ever so headstrong and willful!!! She will be here until tomorrow evening so it will be two days of playing and naptime and lots of No's but lots of love too. I'm making her a pair of blue wool socks...one done, the other to cast on during naptime today I think. She should have new socks by tomorrow AM. I love knitting for her though...she's quite the little fashion plate but very tall for her age so I have to be careful what I knit so she doesn't dress older than she is...needs to stay a little girl as long as she is a little girl!! Will post pics of the socks once they are done. I've found some yarn in my stash to make more socks for her too...some nice soft blends that should make cute lacey socks for her.I love being her Nana.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Yeah, post every day, uhhh huhhhh

The pic is of a very lovely Shetland Shawl that I have started(WORKING ON ROW 9 OF BORDER NUMBER ONE) in some beautiful Olive Green kettle dyed handspun lace weight yarn. It was to be a Christmas present, but proves to be a bit ambitious for that short a deadline I think...Meanwhile, THE BLOG...So, I am lax, so I don't post every day. I mean to but you know, time just gets away. And speaking of time...where has it gone. You know, it's almost Holiday time and what have I accomplished toward getting the knitted gifties done for all the people I need to gift this year? Weeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllllllllllll? Uh, I have made the list, checked it twice too! Yea me! Here are my plans-ambitious I know, but if I start now, I should be able to get it all done by 12:00 PM December 24....(2008???)
An even Baker's Dozen of co-worker gifts...this year, cute little felted pocket books-to hold tissues, a couple of bucks, notepad or the like. Quick knitting they should be as they are done in garter stitch and knitted rectangle about 12 inches long after felting. I have tons of wool yarn so not having to go buy any materials for those. Then, there is family who expects some nice knitterly things from me. Lace scarves for sisters and Mom...OK that'll take a few weeks I'll admit. Socks for the guys...I can knit a pair a weekend...let's see, that should be a pair every weekend for the the next month and a half. I have the neices gifts already done...whew! Granddaughter is getting an adorable Ladybug hat, socks and jacket I(good Nana that I am) have already started and my globetrotting son who is now in Colombia will be getting a very toasty pullover that is only minus the sleeves until it is finished. The only thing I foresee getting in my way with this 24/7 schedule would be the arrival of Elizabeth, my new Spinning Wheel...wink wink

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Blogging-that means every day...Right?

Well, with all that's been going on, I've been neglecting my little blog a lot. Sorry Thistle Knits...I promise to do better now...like today. I've been knitting a lot and my little class of knitters at school is progressing by leaps and bounds! Yea Norcross Knitters! Yesterday they learned how to read a pattern. Amazed they were that one could just follow those abbreviations and shaping would take place and the long skinny scarf shapes could transform into hats and sweaters and the like! I love it. They're a great group-even if I did catch Marge dozing off during the reading of our Very Easy Very Vogue pattern.(two skeins easy)
Now that I have my computer back and can download pics (oh joy! I am in cyber heaven again)I'll show you what I've been up to...this is not everything I've done..but some. By the way, the pink Angora sweater did get sold to little Gaby's mom...right off my desk at school. I can't wait to see her in it.I've had numerous admirers of the baby set done in Kaffe Fassett's new yarn...geeze, almost wish I were young enough to have a baby so I could use it.........uhhhhhh, I didn't mean that, really, I don't wish that at all. Been there, done that-I'm a Nana-that's good enough.
Going to the Highland Games today...men in kilts-ahhhhhh.

Monday, October 15, 2007


Here is a nice pic of the very thing that has inspired my additional obsession of wanting to spin. Isn't she beautiful?
This is the Ashford Elizabeth Spinning Wheel. I've read favorable and unfavorable reviews about this pretty little wheel-but it just feels like it will be right for me. I am determined to learn...once I get the wheel-this one or whatever one I do end up getting. I suppose I should go give one a "try" at the LYS.
Also hoping to see the spinners at the Highland Games this weekend...maybe have a little sit down chat with them and check out their thoughts!

Sunday, October 14, 2007


Where does it end? I am addicted to knitting, yarn, needles and all of that ilk but that isn't enough! Oh no, not nearly enough. I've started checking out (in this order) Drop Spindles, Roving, Fleece and now, even Spinning Wheels. I've watched all the You Tube Videos on Spinning with both the Spindle and the Wheel (wheel is much, much cooler IMHO) I've actually found a wheel (Ashford Elizabeth...OMG it's gorgeous...not to mention the great price) that I want...no, not want, MUST HAVE...COVET (in a really good way though). I know I can do it! I have spun rooms full of yarn in my dreams..day and otherwise. I can feel the roving slip through my fingers as it winds around that wheel and makes beautifully twisted strands of knitting stuff!
I need more hours in the day!

Monday, October 1, 2007

October Projects

So long since I posted that I nearly forgot the password...but here I am. It's Oct. 1 and in the works are still the lovely Wedding Ring shawls of Alpaca...coming right along on those-the green one is at the second level stage right now and I am also halfway through the Autumn colors one-on the decrease side... and soon to be added will be an Aran Sweater for Tommy from Ireland....Connolly pattern. It's lovely and I can't wait to get my hands on the yarn for it! I know it's going to smell heavenly...Aran wool does. I am especially anxious ot get to all those nice cables and pattern stitches and feel the weight of it as it progresses.
Looking foreward to the Southeastern Fiber Festival in a few weeks. I am planning on getting some nice yarns for the stash- might even get another project from Elaine. I'd love to get some wool that I don't have-like maybe some Bison or Camel...even if it's only enough for a scarf or hat. Seriously considering Addi Turbo's this month...I need some cable needles that are smooth. The other alternative would be the set from KnitPicks..I have some of theirs and I like the nickle base and the weight is really good..points are really sharp for lace knitting too!
The Knitting Group at school is going right along as well. They're all learning and seem to be picking up on the cast on and knit stitch very well...just a few who don't quite have it, but as I say...it will click and then they'll be off and running. Some are especially good at it...Marge, Maria, Laurie...and Eve, Marla, Ann and Robert are coming right on too. It's a good group and we are having a great time.
That's about it for now. Hope to have the new MAC soon and then I'll be ready to post some pics!