Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Loot...Good 'Ol Santa

Was I ever surprised at all the pressies on Christmas Morn from my favorite Santa, Tommy! He really went above and beyond and it's soooooo sweet of him. He's always been so supportive of my artistic endeavors and this was no exception! Without further ado, here is the stash avec pics to show their lovely goodness! What a sweetie that Santa is!!!

Sliver...oooooo, lots of sliver
Shetland Moorit
BFL in a gorgeous brown
Cloud soft Superfine Merino
Tri Color Jacob
and some heavenly Yak...a whole pound of it!!!
Also, many books!!! Six books in I forgot to take photo of, but it's knitting patterns for babies and toddlers...sooooooooooooo cute!!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

FO...yes indeedie...Plus Stash from KP

I did indeed finish the lovely Waffle Scarf for Mrs. Johnson-who proudly wore it this afternoon although it was hovering in the 70's and who knows how she stood that wool next to her skin when it was so hot...well, that's Georgia for you! Winter..ha!
See pics...which are blurry as all get out, but hopefully Crystal will let me take some pics of her in the scarf when she is wearing it and I have camera at the ready!
I've now been commissioned to make one for Dora as it is her Birthday on Friday. How, you say, will I ever get the scarf done by Friday if today is Tuesday. Easy peasy...I already have one started and 3/4 finished in handspun kettle dyed laceweight wool (from which is really gorgeous and I am glad that it is nearly finished....because.....I just got my stash from Knit Picks!
Whoooooeeeee. All the lovely yarn for Pat's jacket in the nice Amber Heather. Not my favorite color, for me, but it will look great on Pat. Also five hanks of Vineyard
colorway of Shadow laceweight...yummy, for moi!! And last, but not least, 4 balls of Hycinth Pallette for a baby jacket...very cute!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Happy where do I stand on FO's?

Here it is nearly Christmas and my big plans for getting all this knitting done for everyone are slowly fading wool for Pat's sweater hasn't arrived, still no wool or pattern for Tommy's Aran, I did finish Beth and Johannas knitting projects (at least the neices will get their pressies of handknits)and I've yet to spin the first real yarn on my spinning wheel so that I can give my sister Elaine here basket of yarn (she likes to touch and smell-not knit it into something)to display. What I do have in the FO group, besides the neices' knits are one nursery blanket and an almost finished Waffle Scarf for Crystal J, and on the needles at present are the first of four pair of house socks for two BIL's, one sister and a pair for my Tommy. I haven't even taken pics of anything but the nursery blanket and I have a stock photo of the Waffle Scarf (which is being done in Knit Picks Alpaca in the Tidepool colorway...very lovely!!!)
I'm truly excited about getting started spinning. Tom has gotten me some roving for Christmas I think-some very,very nice roving if it's what I think it is!!! I've suscribed to SPIN OFF magazine-easier than trying to find it at the booksellers. Also been looking at sites with roving for sale-on Etsy, EBay and some of the commercial stores as well...too much to choose from, it's like fiber paradise!!! I want it all. I want to try it all-especially getting some silk hankies and spinning those-the yarn would just be lovely to look at even if I didn't have enough to knit into anything. It's all about stash! I've been reading all I can about spinning and wool and fibers to spin. There is a lot to learn but it really interests me.
So, hopefully in the new year I will be posting more often, getting the spinning thing off the ground and getting more FO's for posting too.