Friday, May 21, 2010


OK...Part B of Stitches South...I think I can remember everything, althogh, it was a fiber induced delerium on that Saturday! OMG, I've never seen so much yarn and my wallet wasn't anywhere near prepared for what I wanted to spend. Thankfully, my sister was with me...Thanks Laney...and kept me in line!!! However, I did get some very nice yarn and a couple of braids of roving for spinning...also a pattern for the Swirl Shawl which I have coveted ever since I saw it on Ravelry. By Ravelry standards, which are pretty high it seems, my stash from Stitches is kind of small, but here is what I got:

1 skein of Bugga Tomato Frog(red, red, red) from Sanguine Gryffon-gorgeous and it is now knit into and almost finished a Multnomah Shawl-also very gorgeous!
2 cones of Silk and Cashmere laceweight yarn from Webs in Gray Teal...destined for something as yet undetermined, but I had to have it.
2 4oz braids of Green With Envy from Frabjous Fibers which is so very pretty and it's destined for laceweight singles which will also make something great but don't know what yet.
And of course, the pattern for the Swirl Shawl.

That's it and enough to get me through until SAFF in October!
As for Stitches South-it was the best and I can't wait until next year! I'm taking more money and I'm going to go more than one day I think. I don't know about taking a class thought, because I would be afraid I'd miss something good-but, we shall see. I saw some of the most gorgeous knitted items and it really was inspirational. I talked my sister into trying to learn to knit-its good when you can enable a relative, thereby having an accomplice and a co-enabler. It's good. I've never seen so much knitting stuff either-wowsers! I want one of everything!! I also tried out the new Kromski spinning wheel-what a nice wheel. I definitely have it on my want list.

When I get my computer, I'll post pics of my stash and whatever I've finished. Almost done with the Multnomah Shaw.