Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sweaters and Scarves and Knits Oh My!

I've been a busy girl since the beginning of 2012 as far as knitting goes. I finished Tom's second sweater on New Year's Eve and it looks great! Also doing some scarf knitting and I'm liking how quick they work up! I've made Multnomah and the Holden Shawlette recently. They also turned out well. This week I got really frustrated not being able to use up all the hand spun yarn I've made over the years-just bits and pieces of this and that and no projects to use them in. I wonder if anyone else who spins has that problem? I took five skeins of lace yarn that I spun-gradient sorted-and am knitting another Multnomah with it. It's turning out nicely too. All the yarns, from light to dark have great haloes to them. They are, in order, cream colored Merino/Angora, silver Corriedale, medium gray Shetland, charcoal Mohair and black Alpaca.

So that's about the size of it...or that's what is going on now. More later on....

Sweaters and