Sunday, February 17, 2013


September...the last time I posted...dear lord; I just hope I never have to do anything with a great deal of consistency because, well, because look at this blog. mmmrrrrrmmmm

So, last time retirement was in the my thoughts....still there.  We have wandered back to the East Coast however. Everything costs a crapload of money-moving would eat up savings, so we're pretty much stuck with finding  a place in the Southeast. OK by me-I love it here, as any good Southern girl would, born and raised in the South.  I want the mountains though..mountains it has to be even if only in North Georgia (short haul move).

Recently on a shawl knitting jag, started out with Citron and could not stop. Next up was Saroyan. I've made a few more, and at present, have two that need finishing on the needles.  One is lace and beaded. Pretty, pretty!  The other, a heavier one, is giving me fits with the stitch count.  It's pretty as well, handsome is a better word, a handsome shawl-making it for my sister Pat, who lives in the Frozen North and will serve her well.  I've got the pleated part done and the hard as hell braid section that defies all left handed knitters (I had to watch the Youtube tutorial at least twice) is also done, but then I am baffled as to what happened to my stitches.  Frogging will ensue. sigh

This is the Dreambird Shawl.....yum!

Today I found a skein of silk that I had spun. About 215 yards of off white silky, lace gorgeousness.  So, I went on Ravelry and found a scarf that is rather simple to knit, it has a few beads for bling and I'll be able to use all of the yarn.  Hope to start that one just as soon as I get these others done.  I'm saving one project shawl for when I have some serious quiet learning time-perhaps during Spring Break. I have the yarn for a Dreambird shawl-they're so, so exquisite-but it's a learning curve with German short rows, etc.  Quite the large discussion on Ravelry about it but I seriously think I can knit it and would love to have it in my own collection...I WILL NOT GIVE IT AWAY TO ANYONE...IT IS MINE!!