Saturday, March 20, 2010

Stitches South

I'm writing this pre-event, so I hope the enthusiasm I have for it will be continued in PART B, post-event.
I'm really looking forward to the Market, which is all I'm really going to get to do this year, although I have signed up for a mini class in Stranded Knitting. Since I only have Saturday, I want to spend most of my time shopping for fiber and the like. I have sort of a shopping list, but you know how it is when you get in a place that just overloads you with goodies that you like-well, who knows how that will go. Sometimes I get too much of a good thing and I get stymied. Then, again, if I'm in the groove and all the forces are working, I can spend like a woman out of control! Frankly, I'm aiming for something inbetween the two!!
Of course, spinning fiber is on the list, but if I happen to see yarn that is, as they say, "to die for", then I may add that to the list. I'd also like a spindle-a nice spindle, and maybe some stitch markers, and perhaps some glass needles, a book or two, some cute buttons would be nice and a shawl pin. I figure $200 will do me just fine~but just in case I'm in out of control mode, I'm taking the magic card....forget the rent! I'm in fiber paradise!!!!'s looking at PART B and the aftermath of Stitches South, Atlanta, GA.....