Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Loot...Good 'Ol Santa

Was I ever surprised at all the pressies on Christmas Morn from my favorite Santa, Tommy! He really went above and beyond and it's soooooo sweet of him. He's always been so supportive of my artistic endeavors and this was no exception! Without further ado, here is the stash avec pics to show their lovely goodness! What a sweetie that Santa is!!!

Sliver...oooooo, lots of sliver
Shetland Moorit
BFL in a gorgeous brown
Cloud soft Superfine Merino
Tri Color Jacob
and some heavenly Yak...a whole pound of it!!!
Also, many books!!! Six books in I forgot to take photo of, but it's knitting patterns for babies and toddlers...sooooooooooooo cute!!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

FO...yes indeedie...Plus Stash from KP

I did indeed finish the lovely Waffle Scarf for Mrs. Johnson-who proudly wore it this afternoon although it was hovering in the 70's and who knows how she stood that wool next to her skin when it was so hot...well, that's Georgia for you! Winter..ha!
See pics...which are blurry as all get out, but hopefully Crystal will let me take some pics of her in the scarf when she is wearing it and I have camera at the ready!
I've now been commissioned to make one for Dora as it is her Birthday on Friday. How, you say, will I ever get the scarf done by Friday if today is Tuesday. Easy peasy...I already have one started and 3/4 finished in handspun kettle dyed laceweight wool (from which is really gorgeous and I am glad that it is nearly finished....because.....I just got my stash from Knit Picks!
Whoooooeeeee. All the lovely yarn for Pat's jacket in the nice Amber Heather. Not my favorite color, for me, but it will look great on Pat. Also five hanks of Vineyard
colorway of Shadow laceweight...yummy, for moi!! And last, but not least, 4 balls of Hycinth Pallette for a baby jacket...very cute!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Happy where do I stand on FO's?

Here it is nearly Christmas and my big plans for getting all this knitting done for everyone are slowly fading wool for Pat's sweater hasn't arrived, still no wool or pattern for Tommy's Aran, I did finish Beth and Johannas knitting projects (at least the neices will get their pressies of handknits)and I've yet to spin the first real yarn on my spinning wheel so that I can give my sister Elaine here basket of yarn (she likes to touch and smell-not knit it into something)to display. What I do have in the FO group, besides the neices' knits are one nursery blanket and an almost finished Waffle Scarf for Crystal J, and on the needles at present are the first of four pair of house socks for two BIL's, one sister and a pair for my Tommy. I haven't even taken pics of anything but the nursery blanket and I have a stock photo of the Waffle Scarf (which is being done in Knit Picks Alpaca in the Tidepool colorway...very lovely!!!)
I'm truly excited about getting started spinning. Tom has gotten me some roving for Christmas I think-some very,very nice roving if it's what I think it is!!! I've suscribed to SPIN OFF magazine-easier than trying to find it at the booksellers. Also been looking at sites with roving for sale-on Etsy, EBay and some of the commercial stores as well...too much to choose from, it's like fiber paradise!!! I want it all. I want to try it all-especially getting some silk hankies and spinning those-the yarn would just be lovely to look at even if I didn't have enough to knit into anything. It's all about stash! I've been reading all I can about spinning and wool and fibers to spin. There is a lot to learn but it really interests me.
So, hopefully in the new year I will be posting more often, getting the spinning thing off the ground and getting more FO's for posting too.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Felting...Cheap Thrills

Ok, so I get a thrill from creating new stuff from thumb recycling and all here's what I've done. Not a new concept, but aren't they cute felted mittens and little purses? My mom and I went shopping at the Goodwill store in Anderson just for these recycleable sweaters...$20 got me 5 really cool old sweaters to recycle. This is my first project though. In the works will be two felted Christmas stockings for Tom and I and some other things as yet un dreamed more trips to the thrift shop in months ahead.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Is this cute or what?

I've been pondering what I am going to give my knitting students that won't break the bank but will let them know they're special to me...and I wanted something "knitterly" as well.
So, I was sort of creating things in my mind and came up with this really nifty idea...a lapel pin that lets everyone know....I KNIT

I am making more of these to sell but my Norcross Knitters are going to be the first ones who get them. The mini ball of yarn is actual wool sock yarn and the needles are round toothpicks with glass bead heads attached...VOILA! knitting needles and yarn! I think it's rather clever if I say so myself. The real knitting needles are there for scale.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


She's here and she is beautiful! I'm so anxious to learn how to spin and I have been practice treadling but I have to wait to order wool...when I get paid I will order some. A couple of weeks.
Meanwhile, I'm in the midst of knitting a cap and jacket for Mrs. Washington's baby shower on the 29th...almost done. Cast on for a Charcoal Gray hooded capelet for myself...tres cute! I will take pics of those and post them later.
I've bought new needles from Knit Picks. They are sooooooo nice and lovely to knit with. Also bought yarn at the Knitting Guild meeting which will be cast on soon for various things.
Pat e-mailed and asked if I could knit her a very cushy jacket for casual wear-I found the perfect pattern at Drops..if she approves it I will knit it up for her. Looks fairly easy, but mostly I am anxious to just get the yarn for it because it will be delicious to work with and the color will be quite nice as well.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


So, I signed up for Ravelry...I had to! Have you seen the really awesome (dated word, I know) patterns and knitterly stuff on that site!??!! OMG, it's Knitter Heaven is what it is. I'm on the waiting list of course...about 12000 people ahead of me, but it's like the epitome of Knitting Sites to belong's like getting your Master Knitter Pin in websites/chatrooms/pattern source.It's Knitting Nirvana.
I think it might even (once I am allowed in and given the HI SIGN)give me the impetus to branch out into other colors of yarn in the spectrum besides blue...although blue will always be my fav, it just is...but I am thinking along the lines of greens and oranges and yellows and purples (I did make a nice purple jacket for Pat though...remember?) I could even play with designing and with the additon of my sweet little Elizabeth wheel, making some unique yarns, dyeing my own, etc. There is no limit to what I might's scary that I am so obsessed.

And, speaking of my dear Elizabeth Wheel...I heard from her previous owner and she got the check and the wheel is on the way. I am all shivery and can't wait until she gets here. I've orderd Teach Yourself Visually's a safety purchase just in case I can't find anyone to teach me how to spin. I'm having a hard time finding anyone close by. Weird, I a town this size you'd think....!!!!???? Now, I'm not going to buy any wool until I get her but I am soooooooooo tempted to get several pounds of this and that and just go wild. Well, why not...I mean, I'll use it no matter what, but I have to exercise a little restraint I think. Christmas is a'comin and there are gifties to get. Wool is on my wish list...hint, hint (family, that's for you!!!)

Thursday, November 1, 2007

On Sock Yarn, AKG and Lily Chen

Tonight was the monthly meeting of the AKG-which is always eventful and nice to go to...a whole passle of knitting folk and of course the LYS's with goodies to buy.
I bought some lovely Silk and Silver...the black colour...from kraemer. It's just ever so nice and will make a very handsome lace evening shawl. I also bought the greatest looking sock yarn by Shi Bui in crayon colors-of which I will make a wee little jacket and will use my Smiley Faced Flower Buttons will be cuter than cute! I should have bought more, but the program was beginning and I was anticipating a wonderful program led by none other than Lily Chen-of knitting design fame. Well, maybe it was me, but....YAWN!!!!! She was showing crochet work, not knitting and I am just not a fan of crochet-other than to embellish a piece of knitting. So glad I didn't get into her workshop now...I know it's awful to say that but I really thought it would be a more interesting program. Hmmmmmm-well, just goes to show you.
I'll post pics of the new yarns I got...not tonight because it's late and I am tired though.
Hope to get my lovely little wheel soon-then I will be buying wool roving and silk hankies and all manner of other fibery goodness to touch and look at and dream up ways to use.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

More Pics of Purse

Here is another view...just need to sew the bottom seam and she's ready for a party!

Monday, October 29, 2007

HOT HOLIDAY HANDBAG-Using up the stash

Here is a really quick pattern I made up for a holiday handbag. You can use any yarn you like, but I chose these three and wound them together to make bulky weight yarn:
Purse will be assembled vertically and the purl side will be the right side.
1 skein Fun Fur
1 skein varigated worsted weight
1 skein boucle
size 15 knitting needles
size H crochet hook
tapestry needle
lining fabric-optional

With three strands held together, cast on 15 stitches Knit in stockinette stitch for 20 inches. Fold in half. With tapestry needle sew side and bottom seams with Kitchner stitch.
Crochet a chain of 25-30 inches long. Attach to purse at sides.
You can line the purse with fabric...but I haven't found my fabric yet. Will show more pics when I have finished.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Blue Socks For Shannen

Here is the blue sock I finished for Shannen...the mate is just now getting cast on...a pair later on this weekend.

On Being Nana

I go to pick up Shannen, my 3 year old granddaughter, for the just about an hour. She is the sweetest little one, but ever, ever so headstrong and willful!!! She will be here until tomorrow evening so it will be two days of playing and naptime and lots of No's but lots of love too. I'm making her a pair of blue wool done, the other to cast on during naptime today I think. She should have new socks by tomorrow AM. I love knitting for her though...she's quite the little fashion plate but very tall for her age so I have to be careful what I knit so she doesn't dress older than she is...needs to stay a little girl as long as she is a little girl!! Will post pics of the socks once they are done. I've found some yarn in my stash to make more socks for her too...some nice soft blends that should make cute lacey socks for her.I love being her Nana.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Yeah, post every day, uhhh huhhhh

The pic is of a very lovely Shetland Shawl that I have started(WORKING ON ROW 9 OF BORDER NUMBER ONE) in some beautiful Olive Green kettle dyed handspun lace weight yarn. It was to be a Christmas present, but proves to be a bit ambitious for that short a deadline I think...Meanwhile, THE BLOG...So, I am lax, so I don't post every day. I mean to but you know, time just gets away. And speaking of time...where has it gone. You know, it's almost Holiday time and what have I accomplished toward getting the knitted gifties done for all the people I need to gift this year? Weeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllllllllllll? Uh, I have made the list, checked it twice too! Yea me! Here are my plans-ambitious I know, but if I start now, I should be able to get it all done by 12:00 PM December 24....(2008???)
An even Baker's Dozen of co-worker gifts...this year, cute little felted pocket books-to hold tissues, a couple of bucks, notepad or the like. Quick knitting they should be as they are done in garter stitch and knitted rectangle about 12 inches long after felting. I have tons of wool yarn so not having to go buy any materials for those. Then, there is family who expects some nice knitterly things from me. Lace scarves for sisters and Mom...OK that'll take a few weeks I'll admit. Socks for the guys...I can knit a pair a weekend...let's see, that should be a pair every weekend for the the next month and a half. I have the neices gifts already done...whew! Granddaughter is getting an adorable Ladybug hat, socks and jacket I(good Nana that I am) have already started and my globetrotting son who is now in Colombia will be getting a very toasty pullover that is only minus the sleeves until it is finished. The only thing I foresee getting in my way with this 24/7 schedule would be the arrival of Elizabeth, my new Spinning Wheel...wink wink

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Blogging-that means every day...Right?

Well, with all that's been going on, I've been neglecting my little blog a lot. Sorry Thistle Knits...I promise to do better today. I've been knitting a lot and my little class of knitters at school is progressing by leaps and bounds! Yea Norcross Knitters! Yesterday they learned how to read a pattern. Amazed they were that one could just follow those abbreviations and shaping would take place and the long skinny scarf shapes could transform into hats and sweaters and the like! I love it. They're a great group-even if I did catch Marge dozing off during the reading of our Very Easy Very Vogue pattern.(two skeins easy)
Now that I have my computer back and can download pics (oh joy! I am in cyber heaven again)I'll show you what I've been up to...this is not everything I've done..but some. By the way, the pink Angora sweater did get sold to little Gaby's mom...right off my desk at school. I can't wait to see her in it.I've had numerous admirers of the baby set done in Kaffe Fassett's new yarn...geeze, almost wish I were young enough to have a baby so I could use it.........uhhhhhh, I didn't mean that, really, I don't wish that at all. Been there, done that-I'm a Nana-that's good enough.
Going to the Highland Games in kilts-ahhhhhh.

Monday, October 15, 2007


Here is a nice pic of the very thing that has inspired my additional obsession of wanting to spin. Isn't she beautiful?
This is the Ashford Elizabeth Spinning Wheel. I've read favorable and unfavorable reviews about this pretty little wheel-but it just feels like it will be right for me. I am determined to learn...once I get the wheel-this one or whatever one I do end up getting. I suppose I should go give one a "try" at the LYS.
Also hoping to see the spinners at the Highland Games this weekend...maybe have a little sit down chat with them and check out their thoughts!

Sunday, October 14, 2007


Where does it end? I am addicted to knitting, yarn, needles and all of that ilk but that isn't enough! Oh no, not nearly enough. I've started checking out (in this order) Drop Spindles, Roving, Fleece and now, even Spinning Wheels. I've watched all the You Tube Videos on Spinning with both the Spindle and the Wheel (wheel is much, much cooler IMHO) I've actually found a wheel (Ashford Elizabeth...OMG it's gorgeous...not to mention the great price) that I, not want, MUST HAVE...COVET (in a really good way though). I know I can do it! I have spun rooms full of yarn in my and otherwise. I can feel the roving slip through my fingers as it winds around that wheel and makes beautifully twisted strands of knitting stuff!
I need more hours in the day!

Monday, October 1, 2007

October Projects

So long since I posted that I nearly forgot the password...but here I am. It's Oct. 1 and in the works are still the lovely Wedding Ring shawls of Alpaca...coming right along on those-the green one is at the second level stage right now and I am also halfway through the Autumn colors one-on the decrease side... and soon to be added will be an Aran Sweater for Tommy from Ireland....Connolly pattern. It's lovely and I can't wait to get my hands on the yarn for it! I know it's going to smell heavenly...Aran wool does. I am especially anxious ot get to all those nice cables and pattern stitches and feel the weight of it as it progresses.
Looking foreward to the Southeastern Fiber Festival in a few weeks. I am planning on getting some nice yarns for the stash- might even get another project from Elaine. I'd love to get some wool that I don't have-like maybe some Bison or Camel...even if it's only enough for a scarf or hat. Seriously considering Addi Turbo's this month...I need some cable needles that are smooth. The other alternative would be the set from KnitPicks..I have some of theirs and I like the nickle base and the weight is really good..points are really sharp for lace knitting too!
The Knitting Group at school is going right along as well. They're all learning and seem to be picking up on the cast on and knit stitch very well...just a few who don't quite have it, but as I will click and then they'll be off and running. Some are especially good at it...Marge, Maria, Laurie...and Eve, Marla, Ann and Robert are coming right on too. It's a good group and we are having a great time.
That's about it for now. Hope to have the new MAC soon and then I'll be ready to post some pics!

Monday, September 10, 2007

It's About Time I Posted

So much going on these days with school back in session and my knitting group starting! They're doing well-our second meeting was held last Friday and they all learned to cast on, so we are well on our way!
A lot going on at home as well. Andy, my youngest, is leaving Tuesday for Bogota Colombia for about a year and a half-to soak up the culture and teach English. I will miss him but I know he'll have the best time and it will be good for him to be exposed to others. It's his first time out of the country and the first time flying too!! I'm a bit jealous...wish I were going too!!!

I'm knitting on the KAL and working on several shawls made in laceweight yarn. Gorgeous stuff! Still no computer at home so I can't post pics yet....take my word for it, they are "to die for" gorgeous!!! I'll be making a lot more of them...very easy! Knitted on the largest sock in the world at the Knitting Guild meeting. Want to go to the Lily Chin workshop but am on a waiting list for the one I want to go to...waaaaaahhhhhh. Maybe someone will have to drop out...although I wouldn't want anyone to miss the opportunity if they can help it (I just want to go too!!!)
Southeastern Fiber Festival is coming up soon and I will go to that sister is going with me so we can pick out some yummy yarns to make things for her!
Well, that's all the time I have for today. Hope to post again soon.
Happy Knittng Y'all!

Saturday, August 11, 2007


Norcross Elementary has the most wonderful new Principal-Dr. Dora Hill!!! After four years of pure H.E.double Hockey Sticks (when was the last time you heard that one? LOL) we now have a lovely woman who encourages her staff, goes out of her way to make things pleasant and peaceful and is a pure gem to work for! But let me tell you what else she has done. I went to her yesterday and asked if a group of us teachers and staff could perhaps use the Media Center one day a week for a knitting class I wanted to offer. She not only said yes, she said put a notice in the mailboxes at school, invite all the staff to join and then she commissioned me to knit something for her!!! She said she'd be happy to have us there for an hour or so once a week and she'd be sure the AC/Heat would be on in the MC for us!!!! So now, I introduce THE NORCROSS KNITTERS CLUB. So far I have about 10 people interested in joining the beginners knitting class, some experienced knitters who want to hone skills and work on long forgotten projects, a couple of crocheters (always good to learn another skill too if you don't know how....I do so there will be lots of help for them too) and hopefully we will all become better friends and co-workers! I'll be working on the handout with supply list, etc. today. It should prove to be a lot of fun!!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Gone Forever Or What????

I know, I know, I've been away for awhile but without computer and access to my photo file I am just not the same person! Hope I will have it back soon...still being repaired. I am thinking I might as well get a new one at this rate!
Anyway, went to the AKG meeting on Thursday and actually got to work on the the largest sock in the world-now being knit. It's awesome. I did my bit and signed the book...what fun!
Also bought some new sock yarn but am making a baby sweater and cap from it. Is it ever going to be darling! Sooooo not the traditional baby colors, but that is what makes it great. It's called Regia(Design Line-Kaffe Fassett) Partie colorway. Really nice Autumn colors. It was a bit pricey for my pocketbook right now, but I had to have it you know. Only takes 2 balls though to make the sweater and cap, so that's not too bad.
I'm here in SC as my Mom is in the hospital. It's difficult being away from Tommy-I miss him but I guess the break won't hurt either of us...not like I'm 1000 miles away or anything. I'm just here for a few days and only 2 hours away. Should be back home on Monday night though.
I loved knitting up the new sock yarn I got from KP...very nice yarn indeed. I made socks for Shannen.
I have a swap I'm doing with another lady from Wearables on Wet Canvas, but can't say right now as to what I will be sending her...she might read the blog!! Anyway, it's cute and I hope she will like it!!!
That's about it from here. I'm packing up my knitting bag and then off to the hospital to sit for the day...Thank God for the knitting that will keep me occupied for the long hours!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Waiting on yarn for the stash

Today is kinda a this and that day. Tommy and I went to the art store...he's in the process of putting a huge canvas together that is going to be the recipient of the most awesome painting...can't wait to see him begin this one! Hopefully it will be the first of a series that he can exhibit. He just finished Winter on the Rideau that turned out exquisitely! Anyway, we got the canvas and stretches, etc. back home.
I've been knitting a very toasty sweater-I thought for Tommy-in Chestnut wool. Very plain jane, but thick and warm, so I heard from my youngest, Andy, today and he is going to Peru for a year and needs some warm clothes, so I am going to give him this sweater and make Tommy another one. They're both about the same size anyway and I think Andy will need the warmth of this heavy sweater. Hope he will like it. I'll make him a scarf to go with as well.
Also on the needles are a pair of melon colored Brioche stitch socks...cuteie pies indeed.
I'll be checking out Nicholas Kniels in a couple of weeks for ribbon to tie at the neckline of the Victorian Cape I knit. It's going to Johanna for Christmas this year and I plan on getting an Aqua silk ribbon-very chic, very pretty!
I knit up a quick little belt pouch in some of my hand dyed wool and felted it-turned out sooooo cute! Also finished the felted chocolate brown purse and embellished it with braided I cord handle and trim around the flap...also another winner in my book! Looking foreward to using it this Fall. The little red felted lunchbag was also finished this week and I added the most adorable crayon stripe big button to close it!
Wish I could post pics, but maybe soon. All in all, I've done a good bit of knitting and have several FO's to show for my time off from school this year!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

KAL-My First

I joined a KAL yesterday. My first This is for the Wheat Ear Cable sweater in the latest issue of IK. I love the sweater a lot-even though it will probably not suit me all that well. I guess if it doesn't, I'll send it on to my sister. She looks really good in all sorts of sweater styles. Hmmm, could be her Christmas gift this year.
Anyway, could I wait for the KAL to start in September??? Ohhhh No, I had to go ahead and knit just to see how it looks in the Oregon Coast Merino wool yarn! BTW, it looks fabulous dahling!! Soooooo soft and drapey and the cables are just the tidiest. I think it will turn out well. Meanwhile, I'm putting it aside until September in order to KAL with the others in the group. I have other projects to work on until then.

Projects I am working on are some felted purses, a couple of scarves and hats sets and soon will have a couple of pairs of socks on the needles as well. Waiting on an order from Knit Picks which should be here within a couple of days and that will bring me some new DK wool, lace and some of their new sock wool which self stripes...can't wait to try that out!!!

So, that's about it for now. I'm still computerless, which means if I post anything at all it's because I have overtaken Tommy's computer. I"m going to try to post a pic here as well (of the Wheat Ear Sweater WIP), but not sure if I can get that to work.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I know I haven't posted in like forever, but hey, my computer is fritzy and I am having it worked on...I'll be back when it is, but I am having withdrawals...really bad withdrawals. I can't post pics of all the things I have knitted recently. But I will, I will....soon!

Thursday, May 24, 2007


Okey dokey boys and girls, I'm about to jump into the big world of knitting design and start my sketch (not yet on the drawing board, but in my head) for a very nifty I can actually wear myself, so it isn't at all fussy...and then, after a few deep breaths, I'll start the inevitable swatching, yea verily, even frogging too and of course, as is always the case with knitwear design and execution, the dreaded......shhhh...math. But, I will do it because I have this really cool idea and of course, there is that yummy Baby Alpaca yarn in the Tide Pool colourway mmmmmmmm, and won't it look the dream once knit!! Oh yeah, I forgot about writing it all down know, in knit language, so I'm going to do that too. Ambitious, perhaps, but what the hey, time's a'waistin and I'm not getting any younger.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Hot Socks

Amongst the other things I am knitting....and trying to be ohhhh so careful with and do just another pair of socks for wool and with red toe and heel. Did I mention these are toe up socks. Well, Ann Budd, that's her name I think, has a tute in the latest issue of IK and I decided I'd give toe up socks a go-even though I am a top down knitter. So, they are really hot, and I mean weatherwise hot. Why would I make wool socks and live in a place that is as hot as Hades? Because wool knits up so nicely. I know I could have chosen something a little lighter, but how cool are charcoal gray socks with red toes and heels? I like them but they really are super toasty. Do you think I should turn the AC to 40d and just wear em anyway?

Monday, May 14, 2007

Stuff and Stash

Well, it's about time I posted again I think. Mother's Day is over...finally heard from one of my boys, not the other though..and Mom, well, she was out of town visiting my sister, but forgot to tell me she was going!! I felt like I had the plague or something-no one around on MD...but Tommy was a dear to me and got me knitting things...Ahhh yes, #1 Vogue Stitchionary with all the lovely stitch patterns and the latest edition on IK...soooo many things I want to make. Also, when we got home from B&N Saturday, some lovely baby Alpaca yarn was on my doorstep fro Knit Picks-plus some new DPN's.

Pics of all are posted above.

I finished this collar for Leslie tonight. It's kind of like the one I made for myself, but in white and I think it's much nicer than mine actually. White cotton and I added a little Dragonfly pin to it.

Friday, May 11, 2007


I got my hang tags today....soooooooo cute. Not too pricey and nicely done! I like them and will probably order others from these people In keeping with the color rut I'm in, they're purple and you can see....fortunately, these folks have other colors and styles so I will not always be so predictable...still, the purple is rather nice I think.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Whew! What a Frogging Relief!!!

Is the Internet great or what?? I mean, I've been having a time with a lace pattern I've been working with...the pattern is easy peasy, I already have it memorized...but I'm working with some navy blue fingering weight yarn and I've been messing up something chronic~ I don't know why. Anyway, I've frogged all the way back to the start three times already and I was just getting ready to call it quits when I happened upon a little article in Knitty written by Theresa Vinson Stenerson about what seems to have become my most recent passtime-Frogging. Now, I've only been serious knitting for a short while but I'm pretty much up on the how to's and wherefores of knitting, but this little FYI is worth all the tea in China, or wherever it comes from these days, probably China knowing what I know about our Gov't and GWB...but I digress. This knowledgeable lady showed me how to frog back only a couple of rows and just pick up and start ripping out to the beginning, no whining and moans and groans and needles flung afar in my studio. No avoidance of delicate lace patterns or anything for that matter. How freeing... I can now make mistake after mistake and just frog tiny bits...not that I want to do that, but I can if I must.

So, I tip my dp needles to you dear lady. Thanks for the good info and saving me yet another step on the road to better knitting through knowledge. My hero of the day...Theresa Vinson Stenerson.

Saturday, April 28, 2007


Now, I've knit socks for wee folks know, little bits of tubular knitting that slip over those chubber little feet, but for the past couple of days I've actually gotten out the sock instructions and knit a pair to fit Tommy (size 10) and if I say so myself, even though they are "house" socks, not shoe socks, they turned out rather well and I am quite pleased with myself for the nice turning of the heel as well. Sock knitting is addictive though. I'm going to have to have more DPN's and lots more sock yarn...LOTS! They're going on the LMG list too! Knit up several pairs in varied and sundry sizes and, as my neices used to say, VIOLA (not voila) there you have a last min gifty that's nifty, n'est ce pas? T'will also be a lifesaver guy gift, 'cause I never know what to get my brothers-in-law...they have everything already.
SOCKS...very cool knitting project!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Taaaaaaa's finished at last!

Done, done and's on the way to Pat's house tomorrow afternoon! Hope she will like it!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Homespun Knits

Knitting myself a roll brim hat and scarf for Winter, next, with the homespun. Here it is on DPN's and cable needles-hat and scarf respectively. I may have to frog the hat and start seems a tad large....and I used the "foolproof" make a hat method to do it....ooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, I have the incredible shrinking/enlarging head. Hat feels too loose methinks!


Don't have time for a full blog this morning but will add more tonight.

Here are some pics of new lace weight yarn I got and have only wound half of one's soooooooooooo delicate!!

Trying to learn new cast on's.....just in case I get multi directions this summer for MK Level 1.

But to school...I have a Prof. Learning class this morning.

Friday, April 20, 2007


Look at what I got in the mail today from my dear friend Carly. Luscious handspun Merino Wool....mmmmmm. It is indeed better than chocolate. I am still not sure what it will become,but for now, I am just touching and smelling it and dreaming about what I have enough of it for...a hat or tam perhaps, or some mitts, or a neckwarmer...I shall see, I shall see......

Thursday, April 19, 2007


I've decided that I am going to actually go for it and apply for the Master Knitter Program (level 1) and hopefully one of these days I'll get to say that I am...after passing the three levels that is. I consider myself a pretty good knitter but would really like to be right up at the, I'm gonna do it!!! Thought I might try to start it this Summer whilst I am out of school for Summer Break. I'll have time to really work on it then. Meanwhile, I'll keep practicing. Found a really nifty helpful article on the net about Do's and Don't's for the, how marvy was that? I'm psyched for this. I don't have much luck with other things in my life, but this, I think I can really excell if I put my mind to it.
Also typed up and tried out names for clothing tags, etc. Thistle Knits in Parchment font looks stunning!!! I have the font at work...not here (drat!!!) Take my word for's stunning aaaannnndddd very cool!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Me again....Pics of stuff I have knitted

Here is the mini fichu I knitted for Mama for MD. She will like it I think.

Also a pic of the progress I've made with T's sweater after I frogged this point I am back to where I was before....but now the whole back piece is 9.5 6.5 inches more to knit before the armhole marker and pattern band. Well, all I can say is, it's easier to knit for short folk than tall!!
How cool and hello to Donna who posted such a nice and comerade-ish comment on my last post....we knitters are so alike indeed! I've gotten worse over the all my cable needles are taken up with new projects. I am fortunate that Tom is an artist and he understands multiple projects. Friday is Lynnie's birthday and I have a little gift of a knitted bathcloth and some lovely French soap (vanilla) and a pin for a blouse or sweater....a small gift for a dear friend at work. I do need to snap a pic of it before it leaves the house Friday morning. Meanwhile, also working on the Shetland Shawl and I have about forty rows of the center block done...using the dark teal laceweight wool that I had wanted to use for the Kimono jacket but abandoned because I saw a jacket similar to my idea in would look too much like I was being a copy-cat. Here I thought I was being original. C'est la vie!! I shall design something else, I vow!!! I'm getting over the setting in the sleeves jitters regarding the Kilt Jacket for Pat. Jeesh! I get too wound up I think....just do it Pam, don't think about it!!!Anyway, my thought is to really tackle it Saturday morning (after coffee) and give it 100% attention to detail. It has to be right. But, back to the dark teal lace weight yarn....I am knitting a Shetland I said, do I need it's so lovely and when I hold it up in my hand it's so light I can see my hand through it and I dare say that it will weigh less than 10 ounces once finished!!! I'm doing fairly well on tension I think...these needles are so sharp and pointed that I am living in fear that I will split the yarn in places, so the going is slow...slower than normal (hence, only 40 rows done) doesn't matter's just nice to see the shape emerge. I ordered the white Merino (also laceweight) and think I will try my hand at the very lacey Snowflakes shawl and if I ever finish it, it goes to either Beth or Johanna for their wedding...or perhaps I will make two...Jo will probably marry first anyway and being as petite as she is...she'll look lovely in that pattern!My handspun isn't here yet from Carly. I am thinking she had so much on her mind with Bill's passing that she hasn't had a minute to think of anything, which is fine. My heart is just aching for her...I know how I would feel if it were Tom. I would be devastated beyond words (it makes me cry just to write the words and it isn't even a reality....funny, silly me.) I am anxious to get it though. I know it's beautiful!

Well, enough...I need to knit! I'll post more pics after I download what is on the camera.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Just Thinkin Outloud

You know, it's funny, but less than three months ago I could count the balls of yarn in my house on one hand and now, I think it's multiplying by itself...It's falling off the shelves beside my knitting chair...I have it in baskets and bags...I inherited a ball and a half (which I immediately wound on my yarn winder) of some very nice cashmerey wool from my sister...arrived day before yesterday, knowing full well that a friend has just sent me two hanks of some very lovely white handspun Merino...and today I earmarked some laceweight that I am going to splurge on...even though I have about 20 balls of some very nice laceweight that I should be casting on for a Shetland Shawl that I don't need but must make. Same goes for books and mags of the knitting sort. Where once they were tidily stored in one small canvas bucket, I've now started stowing them on a shelf above some of the yarn. I bought two knitting magazines this week alone and today when I was at B&N I contemplated Book #1 of Stitchionary...but thought I might get a better price from Amazon. Yet, I am not satisfied....I search the internet every day for new, interesting patterns that I will one day make and I dream and drool over all the yarns at the yarn company sites as well as the bigger discount online shops...I want it all, but mostly the yarn. I want to touch it and smell it (especially the wool....God, I love the smell of real wool without synthetics twisted in) I love the feel of it knitted too...and cotton!! Yes, oh yes, knitted cotton. Tommy's sweater is cotton and it feels so heavenly lying there in my lap...all those cabled stitches weighty feeling under my fingers. Nothing slips off a needle like a strand of cotton. Where has this been all my life? Why didn't I keep up the knitting when I was in my 20's? I've wasted 30 years of good knitting time and now, in my 50's I am obsessed with getting caught up! The interesting thing is, at this time in my life, at my age, I am not afraid to try anything. Nothing seems too complicated to try and if it doesn't work, I know I can frog it. Before, there wasn't even a word for redeeming your disasters so I thought I had totally, if I screw it up I can do something adorably cute like frog my knitting and that makes it OK!!! It's also ok to knit on something for months and months and never be finished...but that's ok too! YEA!!!! Alright, I know, I have to finish...I have to, that's me. I'd be miserable if I didn't finish and finish it as close to perfect as possible...sigh...but, there is that safety net....just in case.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Spring Break

Yes, it's SB and I've been doing absolutely whatever I want to do...such as knit. I have just about finished the Kilt Jacket...I think I have said this every week for at least a month, but I actually have knitted all the pieces and now all that is left is to put in the sleeves. I made the most darling bobble buttons for it...not ceramic ones like I said I would...knitted bobbles just set it off and make it look very classy and polished. Now I am in a bobble frenzy and want to make something else with I cast on a really garishly yellow hat for Shannen...well, she's a kid, she'll love it...with bobbles all around. On big (size 15) needles too. It's actually kind of cute if I do say so myself.

Well above are some pics of the purple jacket...isn't it nice? Also have cast on and done several inches of Tommy's sweater...boy, is it ever going to be nice once it's done!!

Carly is spinning me some white Merino in dk for a cowl/hood and some mitts. Maybe for me, maybe as a gift for someone. I want to get her to spin me some lace weight in the sand wool. I am going to try my hand at making a lace shawl.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Well, here it is....THE PATTERN...for Tommy's sweater. The patterns are called Wave and of course the top band is Seed stitch. I will call it Tommy's Pebbles and Waves Sweater. I've finished the ribbing band for the back and now ready to begin the Wave pattern. I think it will look very nice on him. It's a very nice, soft cotton too...after a few washes it will be as soft as a cloud!!
I found a lovely top and jacket pattern I want to make for myself but the pattern isn't available unless I buy yarn for it from I can't afford ($150.00) and it's wool yarn and would be terribly warm for down here...I'd still like to have the pattern and work it up in a nice fingering weight cotton...well, maybe they'll make it available, or I'll just design my own like it...not crazy about the shoulders of the top anyway...too skinny-but the jacket it awesome and I love the huge's very modern.

Friday, March 30, 2007

A Whole Dang Week...or, Whaaaaaaa happened to March!

Geeze Louise, I haven't posted in nearly a week! What happened to the days? Well, I'll try not to be so remiss in the future, let me assure you.

Almost finished the Kilt Jacket and have subsequently and much to my delight taken up correspondence with my twin sister regarding "THE JACKET" as it is now known. She's getting it and in return, without my asking either..just because she wanted to, has crocheted my a really cool jacket as well....aren't we just the crafty ones? Miss Niblefingers is nearing completion of my jacket...she's quite speedy....and I am so excited to see it. She bought antique buttons for it and it's crocheted in some nice silky yarn...oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! I will post a pic once the package has arrived from Michigan.

The cotton yarn arrived yesterday for Tommy's sweater I am designing. I laboriously knitted a plethora(I like that word) of swatches in chosen patterns to get gauge and finally ended up with 7sts. to the inch on size 7 dp needles (and circular too). It will be lovely if I do say so myself!!!

I found a pattern last night for knitted stockings from the 40' it ever cool!!! Sure wish I lived somewhere that had some actual cold weather...sigh...but, at least I can knit for Pat, Johanna and Beth...who do live in an Arctic clime.
Margie died yesterday and I am feeling very sad. I loved her like a Mom-well, she was to me. She did so much for me and the boys when L. left us. I don't think we would have survived without her. The funeral will be Monday. I hope Andy gets back from Florida before Monday. He's there on Spring Break and we haven't been able to get in touch with him yet. Called Mama last night when I found out. Shes doing well...feisty as ever and working. Wanting to go on another trip soon, but probably won't for a little while. Hope to go see her soon

Saturday, March 24, 2007

She's Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

Went to the LYS, Dunwoody, and found out they're closing their doors next month. I am sad, I am devastated...I've only just found them. Wish I had lots of money and I could buy the place and make a go of it. All the yarn is so beautiful. The lady there is so nice and helpful. I only wish they were doing well so they could stay. I looked at all their's just wonderful...but ended up getting one hank of Euroflax in Champagne color. I haven't got a clue as to what I will do with's just a part of the stash I's really nice though. I might use just one strand of it and make a lacey scarf. It wouldn't be very big or long, but it would be quite pretty I think...kind of whispy and elegant maybe.
Well, that's all I wanted to say about that...I'm pouting.

Swatches and Knitting Euro Patterns

You know, you'd think the whole world would get one system for measurement and stick with it. A morning spent swatching a project is not my idea of a good time. I have this fabulous pattern I'm using from Drops...all of their patterns are just soooooooo gorgeous...and the swatch and pattern calls for size 7mm needles. Do you think American needles would correspond? Ohhhhh, no, of course not. I had to swatch three times before I could get gauge!!! I don't like swatching anyway. It's like exercising-uggggghhh-I just wanna get on with it. I'm excited about the yarn and how it's going to look and the pattern is awesome, but I'm swatching for at least two hours trying to get the right gauge so that I don't have, as the Yarn Harlot puts it, a house cozy instead of a jacket!!! Anyhoo, I finally got it on size 9 (5.5mm) needles and it really is lovely if I do say so myself! I've chosen a moss green bulky cotton and I found the most gorgeous pair of kids chopsticks-quite unique-to use for the fastner (avec "spare" no less!) I am quite chuffed with my choice on this one!!

Purple Kilt Jacket is progressing along. My annoyance with my huge error in counting has waned and I am once again steadily working on it. Couldn't use the yarn frogged from it but will use it on something else...thinking about a sampler afghan for all left over bits and bobs!