Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Tom has been after me to 'wash' THE SWEATER and as a reminder, he placed it on the sofa in my studio. I ceremoniously carted it to the bathroom this afternoon and plunged it in the tub with appropriate sweater washing detergent. Careful not to swish...gods forbid...I let it soak, then rinsed, then rinsed again, all in cold water. I hope it is clean-it should be. Lots of little bits of vm came out to the surface, which is a good thing, so I think I did it right! And so, it now lies all spead out on the rest of my clean towels...a half dozen are now in the wash after becoming sponges. I hope it turns out ok 72 hour wait time ...

Sunday, July 3, 2011


I am so pleased that I have about a month off to just relax before school starts again! I'm not making any plans other than to walk every day, watch the Tour de France and do some knitting and spinning!
July will bring my 60th birthday. I am not sure that I am happy about that...I'm not thinking about it. boooo...major birthday downer.

On a fun note-I'm crafting this summer too. I've made rolled flowers and little notebooks of paint chip paper and if I had a sewing machine, I would be making little fabric birds and things to sell. Sadly, no sewing machine. : (

This is a great photo and sentiment! ^