Monday, July 14, 2008


What could be better than the Highland Games in North Carolina in July? The fact that it was, without a doubt, one of the best weekends we've ever had as far as weather and the games! Tom found his clan and was emotionally struck as we all are when we find our clan and roots, and he is now all out to get his kilt and I am as happy as a piggy in mud that I'll now be able to spin and knit him some kilt hose and flashes!! YEA!!! I've found some patterns I want to try so maybe he'll like one of them. I also have a fabulous pattern I've made up for flashes that will have a thistle pattern knitted in. I know he'll love it! At any rate, the games were lovely. We both love it up there and as I've said before numerous times, this trip only made my resolve that much stronger, we're going to retire up there!!

I'm gearing up for the Ravelymics in August...I'll be knitting the cardi...see below...and that is coming along just fine. I've nearly finished my spinning. I'm knitting a cabled sweater in the Blueberry wool crepe, which I started at the Games and have completed, almost, the back. It looks really nice, but will be somewhat warm for this climate I think...could put it up for sale on the site though.
Just got 4 ounces of Merino roving and I have more roving coming from Brenda-the Llama and some things her hubby made to put up on THISTLEKNITS.

So, better get back to some spinning and knitting.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Spacious Digs

Well, I know it's been nearly a month since posting but it has been quite chaotic around here what with school being out for the Summer-a whole glorious month to sleep late and then have a lovely coffee, peruse the web, work on the store and just plan my day a I will-but I digress,...lets see, school out...oh yes, and I took the first week out to clean out my studio. Oh indeed, boys and girls, a clean room it is! I have space for both wheels, all my stash of wool and yarn, magazines, books, my fav. knitting chair, moved the computer and business stuff to my drawing board and got rid of the rickety computer table and will soon have a new coat of paint on the walls and shelving up so that I can actually see my knitting and spinning books and have a bulletin board as well. I've also got to buy a new window treatment...yes, defintely a new window treatment!!! Must look for one-maybe today!
I joined the Ravelymics beginning Aug.8 and am currently spinning enough yarn for a sweater. I chose one sweater, now, however, I'm afraid I won't have enough for that one and must choose another or make it in a much smaller size-which means some lucky recipient (namely Pat or one of her girls) will be getting a sweater for Christmas if that is what I do. Not such a bad plan, but I sure do like the colorway of this one. Anyway, along with that, I'm de-stashing by definitely knitting a sweater, the Placed Cable Aran by Cathy Payson in Fall '07 IK, for me with the Blueberry Sidar Wool Crepe yarn that I was gifted by RoseQueen. It's such a treat to knit with-I didn't want to put it down last night~ Also on the knitting front, I knit a cowl of handspun for Elaine and will knit mitts to go with it. It's in the purple/blue handspun I made from one of my first Ugly Batts-which isn't ugly at all-it's gorgeous!
Tom and I are leaving Thursday for the Highland Games in Boone! I am so excited!! This will be his first BIG GAMES experience. I do hope the attendance won't be down too much due to the price of gasoline, but I fear it might-I'm having to spend all my spending money on gas this year, but it will be worth it! We got the good tickets-park in the Meadow, get into the Sponsor Tent, etc. I just don't see having to suffer the heat and all that at my age. It'll be nice I hope-then we'll also get to tool around the Blue Ridge and take photos and such and dream of retirement-because this is where I want to retire!
Now, I'm off to pop a cake in the oven for Tom's critique meeting tonight and then I will settle in to some knitting before I get myself ready to meet friends for dinner this evening!