Monday, September 10, 2007

It's About Time I Posted

So much going on these days with school back in session and my knitting group starting! They're doing well-our second meeting was held last Friday and they all learned to cast on, so we are well on our way!
A lot going on at home as well. Andy, my youngest, is leaving Tuesday for Bogota Colombia for about a year and a half-to soak up the culture and teach English. I will miss him but I know he'll have the best time and it will be good for him to be exposed to others. It's his first time out of the country and the first time flying too!! I'm a bit jealous...wish I were going too!!!

I'm knitting on the KAL and working on several shawls made in laceweight yarn. Gorgeous stuff! Still no computer at home so I can't post pics yet....take my word for it, they are "to die for" gorgeous!!! I'll be making a lot more of them...very easy! Knitted on the largest sock in the world at the Knitting Guild meeting. Want to go to the Lily Chin workshop but am on a waiting list for the one I want to go to...waaaaaahhhhhh. Maybe someone will have to drop out...although I wouldn't want anyone to miss the opportunity if they can help it (I just want to go too!!!)
Southeastern Fiber Festival is coming up soon and I will go to that sister is going with me so we can pick out some yummy yarns to make things for her!
Well, that's all the time I have for today. Hope to post again soon.
Happy Knittng Y'all!