Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Felting...Cheap Thrills

Ok, so I get a thrill from creating new stuff from old...green thumb recycling and all that...so here's what I've done. Not a new concept, but aren't they cute felted mittens and little purses? My mom and I went shopping at the Goodwill store in Anderson just for these recycleable sweaters...$20 got me 5 really cool old sweaters to recycle. This is my first project though. In the works will be two felted Christmas stockings for Tom and I and some other things as yet un dreamed of...plus more trips to the thrift shop in months ahead.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Is this cute or what?

I've been pondering what I am going to give my knitting students that won't break the bank but will let them know they're special to me...and I wanted something "knitterly" as well.
So, I was sort of creating things in my mind and came up with this really nifty idea...a lapel pin that lets everyone know....I KNIT

I am making more of these to sell but my Norcross Knitters are going to be the first ones who get them. The mini ball of yarn is actual wool sock yarn and the needles are round toothpicks with glass bead heads attached...VOILA! knitting needles and yarn! I think it's rather clever if I say so myself. The real knitting needles are there for scale.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


She's here and she is beautiful! I'm so anxious to learn how to spin and I have been practice treadling but I have to wait to order wool...when I get paid I will order some. A couple of weeks.
Meanwhile, I'm in the midst of knitting a cap and jacket for Mrs. Washington's baby shower on the 29th...almost done. Cast on for a Charcoal Gray hooded capelet for myself...tres cute! I will take pics of those and post them later.
I've bought new needles from Knit Picks. They are sooooooo nice and lovely to knit with. Also bought yarn at the Knitting Guild meeting which will be cast on soon for various things.
Pat e-mailed and asked if I could knit her a very cushy jacket for casual wear-I found the perfect pattern at Drops..if she approves it I will knit it up for her. Looks fairly easy, but mostly I am anxious to just get the yarn for it because it will be delicious to work with and the color will be quite nice as well.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


So, I signed up for Ravelry...I had to! Have you seen the really awesome (dated word, I know) patterns and knitterly stuff on that site!??!! OMG, it's Knitter Heaven is what it is. I'm on the waiting list of course...about 12000 people ahead of me, but it's like the epitome of Knitting Sites to belong to...it's like getting your Master Knitter Pin in websites/chatrooms/pattern source.It's Knitting Nirvana.
I think it might even (once I am allowed in and given the HI SIGN)give me the impetus to branch out into other colors of yarn in the spectrum besides blue...although blue will always be my fav, it just is...but I am thinking along the lines of greens and oranges and yellows and purples (I did make a nice purple jacket for Pat though...remember?) I could even play with designing and with the additon of my sweet little Elizabeth wheel, making some unique yarns, dyeing my own, etc. There is no limit to what I might do...it's scary that I am so obsessed.

And, speaking of my dear Elizabeth Wheel...I heard from her previous owner and she got the check and the wheel is on the way. I am all shivery and can't wait until she gets here. I've orderd Teach Yourself Visually Handspinning...it's a safety purchase just in case I can't find anyone to teach me how to spin. I'm having a hard time finding anyone close by. Weird, I know...in a town this size you'd think....!!!!???? Now, I'm not going to buy any wool until I get her but I am soooooooooo tempted to get several pounds of this and that and just go wild. Well, why not...I mean, I'll use it no matter what, but I have to exercise a little restraint I think. Christmas is a'comin and there are gifties to get. Wool is on my wish list...hint, hint (family, that's for you!!!)

Thursday, November 1, 2007

On Sock Yarn, AKG and Lily Chen

Tonight was the monthly meeting of the AKG-which is always eventful and nice to go to...a whole passle of knitting folk and of course the LYS's with goodies to buy.
I bought some lovely Silk and Silver...the black colour...from kraemer. It's just ever so nice and will make a very handsome lace evening shawl. I also bought the greatest looking sock yarn by Shi Bui in crayon colors-of which I will make a wee little jacket and will use my Smiley Faced Flower Buttons upon...it will be cuter than cute! I should have bought more, but the program was beginning and I was anticipating a wonderful program led by none other than Lily Chen-of knitting design fame. Well, maybe it was me, but....YAWN!!!!! She was showing crochet work, not knitting and I am just not a fan of crochet-other than to embellish a piece of knitting. So glad I didn't get into her workshop now...I know it's awful to say that but I really thought it would be a more interesting program. Hmmmmmm-well, just goes to show you.
I'll post pics of the new yarns I got...not tonight because it's late and I am tired though.
Hope to get my lovely little wheel soon-then I will be buying wool roving and silk hankies and all manner of other fibery goodness to touch and look at and dream up ways to use.