Friday, June 24, 2011

Summer Time and the Livin' Ain't Easy

Just a word....hurry up July so I can have 3 weeks of peace~

On a sweet note...Here's my adorable grandson, Sam.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


New Blog Look

Quelle Suprise! I hated the look of my old blog so I spent quite a while last night fiddling around with backgrounds and colors and such...I am, of course, still not "DONE" with it. I changed the name too. It's not overly catchey, but, what the hey...

So, it has been a year since I posted, right? Does that mean I have been busy? I choose to think so ...grabs flour and poufs face...
I really have only been about regular business like work and stuff at home and of course spinning and knitting. Ahhh, spinning and knitting-well, mostly knitting, a little spinning. Nothing is finished though. I do have some nearly's and some just started's. No, wait, I did finish the ARAN SWEATER FOR TOMMY!!!!!!!
Sweet, eh?
I've now cast on another for my Man-he's gotten so spoiled-first kilt hose, now sweaters!! This one is much simpler (Thank the gods) It's DROPS Pattern #59-1, and it is quite pretty as the color is one of my favorites-kind of a taupey/mushroomey color. Pretty, pretty!!
I've gotten about 75% up to the armholes. A way to go yet, but will work on it over my Summer Break (next month) and here's hoping that it won't take another 3 frickin' years to complete! (I get bored easily) For Pat, my sweet sister, I spun-oh yeah-and knit a Holden Shawl from the roving she picked out at SAFF last October. It's very pretty. No pic yet as I have not blocked it-but will soon. It's quite chocolatey-the colorway is Brown Eyed Girl. I have another 4 ounces of it that I will spin and knit something else for her-maybe hat and scarf. (one of these days)

You know, I was going to talk politics, but I just need to have a nice day today. Suffice to say, Can we please, please get rid of this loony bin in the White House? JHC, what an idiot! ...there, I feel better....
I came across this really cute website the other day, I'm sure everyone knows about it, well, except me, of course, that has the cutest Kitty pictures! I spent an hour just looking at and laughing at those photos. One of my favorite was the I'm A Little Teapot cat. It just tickled me so much I laughed out loud, and I don't do that often enough!

OH, OH, I forgot this....I have a new computer!!! My old PC was just a pile of sh-- and finally it bit the dust after I pulled up a site that was supposed to be one for dressing up Barbie Dolls for Shannen and it just went berserk and ate everything in my computer. Sadly, I lost photos and a few documents, but that's life. I'd been jonesing for a Mac ever since Tom and I got together. I love Mac's and all the cool features-it's a perfect computer for artists. So, we got back a slew of money from Income Tax this year and I got myself a Mac Mini! Jumpin' Jiminey!! It's awesome. I have so much storage space in it I will never use it up in my lifetime. The other good thing about it is, it is less likely to get viruses like the old PC did. It's wonderful. So, you'd think life would be peachey with this new Mac, right? There is a down side boys and girls... :(
My old camera is not compatible with it. I cannot take photos and download them to my computer. Another sad...I don't have another camera. Tom has to take pics for me and that isn't always do-able, time wise and I hate to bother him because he's busy working on his paintings. Just one of life's little glitches to work out.....

We've started summer hours at school, working 10 hour days, four days a week. It's not so bad if I ignore the fact that I have to be there at 6:30 AM and work until 4PM; I've had to move my office to the new building so they can renovate my old office and my boss' office is located halfway around the world so if she needs me we usually have to meet half way...nawww, just kidding. It isn't bad. I love having Friday's off...doin' the Snoopy Dance and loving being at home with my sweetie and my fiberey stuff!

Today is Father's Day. Wishing all the Dad's out there a happy day. Thanks for being Dad and thanks for loving and caring for your kids. Wish my Dad was here today. I love you and miss you a lot Daddy!