Sunday, June 28, 2009


I'm going to rant...I just am.
I don't like Noro yarn. I don't see the attraction to it at all. Is it colorful? Yes, but that is where any sort of attraction for it might end...but personally, all those color combos really aren't that attractive..some of it really is barfy, butt ugly yarn-it is!! The yarn is harsh, the yarn is knotty and I absolutely cannot stand the way it feels in my hands. Eeeeeeeeewwwwwww, like nails on a chalkboard!! Another thing, the price is rediculous. I mean, really! Why would you pay anywhere from $10 to $22 for a ball of yarn-yarn that is essentially spun singles. I guess some people would think they're getting a bargain, but actually, if they look to some of the home grown indy spinners, they're going to find the same thing but a whole lot cheaper and the yarn will feel a whole lot better-with fewer, if any, knots. How do I know this? I make yarn like this and even better. Singles yarn is good for some things, but not for everything. And another thing, it does not knit nicely either.
So, there is my rant on Noro...ditto Malabragio, but because I detest pooling yarns. Nuff said!

On a cheerier note, I'm on vacation finally!!! Friday was last day of work for me until July 27th...then back to school. First day for the kidlings will be Aug.10. It gets shorter and shorter every year. We're not really doing anything as we have no money this year. The economy has been wickedly brutal this year to Tom. No work to be had and I am sure it is so with a good many others. Not to worry though. We have a roof over our heads, food on the table and health insurance. Hoping that 2010 will be a much better year...or we win the lottery!! LOL

I'm spining the BFL for Tommy's Aran this month and hope to get all 2 pounds spun and plied by the first of August so I can start knitting before September and he can wear it in October. Also knitting up some of my unfavorite stash that is just too glitzy for me. The black silk and sterling silver will be a scarf/stole that I hope I can sell and I have some Sari silk/Alpaca that I want to do the same with...maybe a little triangle shawl which does look really cute on small framed women going dress up somewhere elegant...not me because I am not and we never go anywhere like that!! Ha!

Found an excellent pattern that I want to try. Joined the KAL for it on Ravelry. Faery Ring. It is just too cute and I hope will be written up in kids sizes. It would be adorable on Shannen!!

So, that's about it for I am back to my knitting and spinning until next time. Hopefully no more rants about pricey, ugly yarn.