Saturday, June 14, 2008

I've Been Busy With The Etsy Shop

Can't believe how busy I've been with this shop and with spinning for the shop! I'm slowly but surely learning the ins and outs. I've got to change some of the photos out for better ones-it will take time but now that I've got a light box, they will look much better! I do wish that I could devote more time to all of this-the spinning, knitting and working on the shop. Anyway, I do believe once I get it looking good the business will pick up and I will make a sale. I get such good feedback from my friends at Ravelry too-it's a great site!

On the spinning side, I've just mailed off a box of Llama fleece to Brenda for processing. I am so excited to get that back and begin spinning it. I've still got Babydoll wool to spin as well as other roving in the stash, which includes, but is not limited to 2 pounds of Merino, 2 pounds of Corriedale and several other dyed rovings of at least 4 ounces each. Basically, I've got enough stash to see me through the Winter without buying (or inheriting) anything else...but I know that's just being practical-there's no way I'm not going to get more stash! It's almost a necessity now. You just never know what might confront you. I mean, what was I to do when the free Babydoll presented itself to me? Then, how about the Llama? It was free-I was obligated, right? I love it all-I had to.

Summer is upon us and Tom and I will soon be on the road-even with gas prices as high as they are (cringe)-for NC and the Highland Games. It will be our only trip this Summer as I must be back at school at the end of July. I am so looking foreward to it-and Tom is going to love it I know! Perfect place for him to get some great photos.

So now, back to spinning..or is it knitting? Since today is KIP day, perhaps it's knitting. I'm making a cabled cowl neckwarmer from some hand dyed, handspun Merino-my own spinning. It's sooooo lovely and soft. It's making means that I will need a new Winter coat to accessorize it with! :D