Monday, July 16, 2007

Waiting on yarn for the stash

Today is kinda a this and that day. Tommy and I went to the art store...he's in the process of putting a huge canvas together that is going to be the recipient of the most awesome painting...can't wait to see him begin this one! Hopefully it will be the first of a series that he can exhibit. He just finished Winter on the Rideau that turned out exquisitely! Anyway, we got the canvas and stretches, etc. back home.
I've been knitting a very toasty sweater-I thought for Tommy-in Chestnut wool. Very plain jane, but thick and warm, so I heard from my youngest, Andy, today and he is going to Peru for a year and needs some warm clothes, so I am going to give him this sweater and make Tommy another one. They're both about the same size anyway and I think Andy will need the warmth of this heavy sweater. Hope he will like it. I'll make him a scarf to go with as well.
Also on the needles are a pair of melon colored Brioche stitch socks...cuteie pies indeed.
I'll be checking out Nicholas Kniels in a couple of weeks for ribbon to tie at the neckline of the Victorian Cape I knit. It's going to Johanna for Christmas this year and I plan on getting an Aqua silk ribbon-very chic, very pretty!
I knit up a quick little belt pouch in some of my hand dyed wool and felted it-turned out sooooo cute! Also finished the felted chocolate brown purse and embellished it with braided I cord handle and trim around the flap...also another winner in my book! Looking foreward to using it this Fall. The little red felted lunchbag was also finished this week and I added the most adorable crayon stripe big button to close it!
Wish I could post pics, but maybe soon. All in all, I've done a good bit of knitting and have several FO's to show for my time off from school this year!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

KAL-My First

I joined a KAL yesterday. My first This is for the Wheat Ear Cable sweater in the latest issue of IK. I love the sweater a lot-even though it will probably not suit me all that well. I guess if it doesn't, I'll send it on to my sister. She looks really good in all sorts of sweater styles. Hmmm, could be her Christmas gift this year.
Anyway, could I wait for the KAL to start in September??? Ohhhh No, I had to go ahead and knit just to see how it looks in the Oregon Coast Merino wool yarn! BTW, it looks fabulous dahling!! Soooooo soft and drapey and the cables are just the tidiest. I think it will turn out well. Meanwhile, I'm putting it aside until September in order to KAL with the others in the group. I have other projects to work on until then.

Projects I am working on are some felted purses, a couple of scarves and hats sets and soon will have a couple of pairs of socks on the needles as well. Waiting on an order from Knit Picks which should be here within a couple of days and that will bring me some new DK wool, lace and some of their new sock wool which self stripes...can't wait to try that out!!!

So, that's about it for now. I'm still computerless, which means if I post anything at all it's because I have overtaken Tommy's computer. I"m going to try to post a pic here as well (of the Wheat Ear Sweater WIP), but not sure if I can get that to work.