Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Girl Can Change Her Mind, Can't She?

Yeah, well, I did. Instead of a Rigid Heddle loom, it's going to be a tapestry loom. The windfall refund won't arrive until next month, so I've done a ton more research and my ideas for weaving fall more into the tapestry category instead of the weaving category. It's like painting with fiber-so what could be better than that? Nothing, I say! Nothing.
Ordering a book to get me started called Tapestry Weaving: A Comprehensive Study Guide by Nancy Harvey. It's going to be a used one....jaysus! the new ones are over $100. Way out of my budget, but a used one is about $35, so I think I can swing that and who cares if the cover is a little bent and faded...not me. It's the insides that are gold! All of my lovely digital paintings are waiting to be transformed into tapestries...perhaps some will be good enough (one day) to exhibit and/or sell.
Meanwhile...whilst waiting for that lovely windfall to week is Spring Break and I am so looking forward to that!! I have a couple of baby things to make for the ladies at school who are expecting. It's like a dang epidemic glad that I am grandma age and safe from all of that!!! Happy for them though. (glad it's them, not me)
I woke up way too early's time for another cup of coffee....

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